November's Nutrition Tip: Prepare for Holiday Meals!

November 8, 2016

The Holiday Season is right around the corner. Be ready to stay on track with healthy eating during this special time of year. The following recommendations are from the American Heart Association and will help you eat well and feel great during all your  Holiday adventures.

•    Turkey: Reach for light rather than darker pieces of meat and remove the skin. Remember a serving size of meat is 3oz or about the size of a deck of cards. Limit gravy to 1 Tbsp.
•    Dressing: Limit portion size and remember this is a side not an entrée! Try to stay around ¼ cup.
•    Casseroles: Once aging portion control is essential. Try to stay around ¼ cup and avoid sugar and fat filled casseroles all together.
•    Dessert: Split your dessert with someone rather than having a full serving!
•    Veggies and Fruit: Don’t forget to make ½ of your plate raw or cooked veggies and fresh fruit for a complete and balanced meal.
•    Stay Active: Try to take a walk with family and friends before or after your holiday meals. As the days get shorter try to time your walks so you get back home before it gets to dark!

by Krystle Holt, RD, LDN, MHS; Harris Nutrition Services