Harris Regional Hospital and Swain Community Hospital to host events to help community members sign up for insurance

June 29, 2015

Sylva & Bryson City, NC – Harris Regional Hospital and Swain Community Hospital will host free events in Sylva and Bryson City in January providing education on the National Health Insurance Marketplace and offering free assistance to those wishing to sign up for coverage through the Marketplace.

The Sylva event will be held at the Smoky Mountain High School cafeteria on Thursday, January 15 from 5 – 7pm. The Bryson City event will be held at the Swain County Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, January 20 from 5 – 7pm. Both events are open to the public and are free of charge.

Certified Application Counselors from the hospitals and local insurance brokers will be available at both events to answer questions and assist individuals with selecting a suitable coverage plan and in enrolling or re-enrolling in a coverage plan.

The Health Insurance Marketplace offers expanded access to low-cost healthcare coverage for people without health insurance or for those who are interested in exploring more cost-effective alternatives to their current coverage. The Marketplace is open for enrollment through February 15, 2015 and offers coverage suitable to individuals’ and families’ unique health care needs.

Obtaining health insurance coverage is important for many reasons, and coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace has many benefits, including:

  • Coverage of costs for treatment of unexpected illness or injury.
  • Paying less for coverage of in-network health care.
  • Free preventive care, such as vaccines, screenings, and check-ups, even before meeting a deductible.

All community members are invited to attend the events on January 15 or January 20 to get one-on-one assistance in selecting and enrolling in an appropriate coverage plan. For more information on the events, call (828) 631-8924.

To enroll in a Marketplace coverage plan, visit www.healthcare.gov. For assistance enrolling or re-enrolling at any time, contact Harris Regional Hospital’s Certified Application Counselors at (828) 586-7355 or Marketplace representatives at 1-888-982-9144.

More information can be found at www.westcarehealth.org or by emailing westcare.CAC@medwesthealth.org.