Pediatric Care

Pediatric care focuses on treating infants, children and adolescents and supporting their growth and development. Pediatricians take care of needs ranging from emotional support to medical support and from a healthcare standpoint support children’s opportunity to achieve full potential as adults.

At Harris Regional Hospital our goal is to ensure that your child’s early years are as healthy and happy as possible. We provide comprehensive care for children with an emphasis on preventative health and follow the standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which recommends physical examinations.

Through access to pediatricians in both Sylva, Franklin and Bryson City, we continue our commitment to work together to make our communities healthier where they need it most, in your hometown and with an elite team of pediatricians that live in our neighborhoods and know the needs of our families.

We are honored to serve you and your family with convenient office hours, sick clinics and three locations; Sylva, Franklin and Bryson City.