Comprehensive Care

Having a baby is one of the greatest joys in life.

We would be honored to share this special moment in time with you and your family. 


Harris Regional Hospital leads Western North Carolina in labor and delivery care, proudly delivering the highest number of babies west of Asheville, with an average of 650 babies each year. Our dedicated, compassionate, and expertly-trained labor and delivery staff offer years of experience and knowledge in caring for mother and baby, and a consistent reputation in local communities for providing expert care. 


Exceptional Birthing Experience

We have taken input from physicians and moms, like you, every aspect of our center has been designed with patients and their families in mind. Our birthing rooms are designed to feel more like home making you as comfortable as possible. Each room has a private bathroom, comfortable furniture, a television, and free Wi-Fi Internet. 

Your mother-baby nurse is expertly cross-trained to understand both parent and newborn needs, so your medical care is second to none. Mother-baby nursing improves the lines of communication between the family, nurses and doctors.  Your questions are answered quicker and the nurse can respond to your needs more easily. 

Labor & Delivery

Located on the third floor, services also include mother/baby, and pediatric inpatient units. The New Generations Family Birthing Center, a state-of-the-art family care center, also includes a new Caesarean-section operating suite, new heating and air conditioning systems, updated flooring and cosmetic features, and more.

Our nursery is classified as a Level II, or ‘specialty care’ nursery, providing enhanced services and care for near-term and full-term newborns otherwise not found west of Asheville. In addition to the Harris Regional Hospital respiratory care staff, this classification also signifies that labor and delivery staff and physicians are trained to care for babies who are breathing on their own but have conditions that require close monitoring and additional medical treatment.

In 2016 the technology that enables physicians and nursing staff to monitor a baby’s progress during labor was replaced with a new system outfitted with features that provide the most advanced upgrades in fetal monitoring. Physicians can log in from any computer to monitor the real-time progression of mothers and babies during labor, allowing them to instantly see important changes and manage their time efficiently on the unit with all of their patients.


Visiting hours

  • Labor & Delivery visiting hours: 9 am – 9 pm (Limit 4 visitors per patient in the labor suite)

Children younger than age 12 are not permitted to visit, except for the newborn's siblings.
If a sibling is ill or running a fever, they will not be permitted to visit.



Infant security together with providing a safe and secure place for our patients is of the highest importance to the New Generations Family Birthing Center. All main doors to the floor have alarms. We have an electronic security system to keep your baby safe. Two hospital ID bracelets are applied to your baby, in addition to one for mom and one for a designated support person (father/significant other). Infants are not released to anyone who does not have a corresponding ID band or to staff not wearing a Harris Regional Hospital picture ID badge with pink RN designation.
A new Hugs® infant security system will also be implemented upon completion of the 3rd-floor renovation. 

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