Medical Staff Services, resources on this page are for Healthcare professionals 

This site is for the exclusive use of the members of the Medical Staff at Harris Regional Hospital, A  Duke LifePoint Hospital and Swain Community Hospital, A Duke LifePoint Hospital.

Harris Regional Hospital's website offers practitioners access to current events, policies, bylaws and other resources of interest. We welcome your feedback.

Chief of Staff:
Dr. Lee Ann Manthorne
Vice Chief of Staff:
Dr. Casey Prenger
Past Chief of Staff; Secretary/Treasurer:
Dr. Jerome Marchuk
Chief of the Service of Medicine:
Dr. Steven Queen
Vice Chief of the Service of Medicine:
Chief of the Service of Surgery:
Dr. Megan Metcalf
Vice Chief of the Service of Surgery:
Dr. Sabine Kelischek

Credentialing Committee Chairman:
Dr. Larry Supik
Credentialing Committee Vice Chairman:
Dr. Shawn Kosnik
Medical Management Committee Chairman:
Dr. Douglas Gates
Medical Management Committee Vice Chairman:
Dr. Al Wilson
MEC Geographic Harris Representative:
Dr. Thomas Wolf
MEC Geographic Swain Representative:
Dr. Tammy Johnston