As a participant, once you log into ChallengeRunner, you are presented with one page that will allow you to enter and view data for multiple dates and various challenge types. They can also view progress and current standings. 

How do I submit data?

Once registered on ChallengeRunner, you can enter data through a standard browser, custom smartphone apps, fitness tracking devices including Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit and the Moves App, or via texting data from any mobile phone.


ChallengeRunner iPhone and Android apps are currently available free of charge from Apple App Store and Google Play app store. After a one-time easy login, users are able to quickly enter their participant data from anywhere. 

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ChallengeRunner will also work with many popular wearble devices, helping to track your steps and other information. 

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The texting interface has proved to be convenient when a user just needs to send in a text message to record a simple data entry for the day. While not appropriate for every challenge type, it can be a great option for steps walked, activity minutes, and current weight.


ChallengeRunner has recently partnered with several activity tracking apps and wearbles to provide seemless, no touch, data collection for your fitness challenge. Participants simply allow any of these activity trackers to send collected data to ChallengeRunner through their profile and their challenge activity is recorded automatically! 

Tracker & App Support

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