Quick Facts & FAQ's

Where is the cafeteria?

From the Main Lobby take left hallway past gift shop and elevators, Cafeteria is on the right.

How do I find the Pharmacy?

When leaving Outpatient Surgery, take the public elevators to the third floor and turn to the right.

Can I go into the O.R. with my child?

Family members are not allowed in the operating rooms. The OR. is considered a sterile area; visitors are not allowed.

Can I go into the Recovery Room (PACU) with my child?

To protect the privacy of other patients, visitors are not allowed in the Recovery Room.

At Harris there are...

  • more than 40 Surgeons
  • 10 Anesthesiologists
  • Six Operating Suites
  • Laser, laparoscopic, microscopic, endoscopic and video technologies?
  • 15 Certified registered nurse anesthetists
  • Nine bed ICU
  • Six  bed surgical unit
  • 14 bed outpatient surgical unit