• Bring an escort.  A responsible adult must be available to drive you home.  Your family and friends will be asked to wait in a designated waiting lounge while you are in the operating and recovery rooms.  To provide privacy for all patients after surgery, only two people may stay with you in the outpatient post-operative department.  Your visitor may remain with you until you are discharged.

  • Make arrangements to have a responsible adult with you for the first 24 hours after outpatient surgery.

  • Bring medication.  If you are taking any medication daily, please bring a complete list to the hospital.

  • Wear comfortable clothes.  Wear clothes that are comfortable and loose fitting.  Children may bring a favorite toy or blanket. 


  • Do not smoke.  No smoking the night before surgery.

  • Do not eat or drink.  No food (including hard candy or gum) or liquid (not including water) is permitted after midnight the evening before surgery.  Water is permitted 2 hours before checking into the hospital. Anything other than water swallowed after that time could be dangerous for you and may result in the cancellation of your surgery.

  • Do not bring valuables.  Do not bring any jewelry or other valuables to the hospital.

  • Do not wear cosmetics. Do not wear makeup or fingernail polish to the hospital.  The color of your skin and nails will provide valuable information to the physician and nursing staff.