Day of Your Surgery (Adult)

REMINDER: You should not have anything to eat or drink (including gum, ice, hard candy and water) after midnight the day before surgery.

  • Only take the medication you have been instructed to the morning of surgery, with a sip of water.
  • Report to the fifth floor South Building. If you park in the parking ramp, enter the hospital on the third floor. Walk across the skywalk and take the elevator to the fifth floor. Signs will direct you to Outpatient Surgery.
  • After registering with the Unit Clerk, you will be directed to the lounge.
  • A nurse will bring you to a room. They will have you change clothes and give instructions for any 
    surgical scrubs or "preps" needed.
  • Your temperature, pulse, blood pressure, oxygen saturation level, and pain score will be checked.
  • Your family will be allowed to stay with you until you go into pre-op holding.
  • When the Operating Room is ready for you, a person from the Logistics staff will take you to the pre-op holding on the cart from your room.
  • In pre-op holding a nurse will start your IV. You will meet the anesthesiologist, a nurse anesthetist and the Operating Room staff assigned to your surgery.

Day of Your Surgery (Children)

Children having surgery stay in the Outpatient Surgery lounge until the Operating Room calls for them. The child and parents are instructed to go to pre-op holding. All other family members will be directed to the O.R. waiting room. In pre-op holding, the child will have to change into hospital pajamas. Here the anesthesiologist, a nurse anesthetist and Operating Room staff will meet the patient and parents and answer any additional questions.

Children usually walk or are carried into the operating room. The parents are instructed to wait in the O.R. Waiting Room where the physician will talk to them after surgery. Parents or guardians should stay in the hospital while their child is in the operating room or the Recovery Room (PACU). They should check in with the volunteer in the O.R. waiting room in case their child returns to Outpatient Surgery sooner than expected.

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