Cardiac Catheterization Lab

At Harris Regional Hospital our experienced cardiac catheterization team performs diagnostic procedures such as Cardiac Catheterization using a thin hollow tube, called a catheter which is inserted into a large blood vessel leading to the heart. Through this procedure, we are able to determine how well your heart is working if there are any blocked areas, disease to the heart muscle or where there may be damaged blood vessels, valves and coronary arteries of the heart. This often avoids the need for surgery.

Why consider a Cardiac Catheterization?

Cardiac Cath allows a specialized team of doctors to get information about how well your heart is working, identify where there may be problems and give a better idea of what procedure to take to open any block arteries.

During a Cardiac Cath your doctor may:

  • Use contrast dye injected through a catheter to view and identify any narrow or blocked coronary arteries through X-rays. This procedure is called coronary angiography or coronary arteriography.
  • Measure the oxygen content in the four chambers of your heart by taking samples of blood. 
  • Identify any defects in the chambers or valves of the heart.
  • Evaluate the pressure of the four heart chambers.
  • Check to see your heart chambers ability to pump and contract
  • Diagnostic imaging and pressure measurements.

Helpful information from the American Heart Association website includes preparing for your cardiac catheterization, what to expect while you are having the procedure done and what to do after you arrive home.

For more information or to reach Harris Cardiology, a Duke LifePoint Physician Practice, call 586-7654