Your Room

Your Nurse Call Button

You have a personal call button in your room should you need to reach your nurse. Press the panel to talk with someone at the nursing  station. There is also a call cord in the bathroom that signals the nursing station when pulled.

Your Telephone 

Telephones are provided in all patient rooms except the Intensive Care Unit. Local calls can be made at no charge.

If you would like to call another department located within the hospital, dial only the extension number (the last four digits of the phone number).

To place an outside call, first dial 9 and then the number. If your friends or family would like to call your room directly, they can dial 586  + 7 + your room number.
The main hospital telephone number is (828) 586-7000.

If you would like to place a long distance call, dial 0 and the hospital operator will place the call for you. Long distance calls can be made as collect calls or billed to your home number or a calling card.

Your Television

While you are a patient at Harris Regional Hospital, entertainment channels are free.
Click here for a television channel guide