Medical Records

We are pleased to serve you by providing information on how to obtain your medical record. We believe the more information you have about your health, the healthier you will be!


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How do our patients get copies of medical records?

  1. Harris Regional Hospital will send records directly to your health care provider at no cost to you. Call the Release of Information staff at 828.586.7175.
  2. Complete the Requisition for Release of Information form. Mail completed form and the Release of Information staff will complete your request. 
  3. Access your medical records through the Patient Portal. Access requires your email address to be on file. Please call Registration at 828.586.7000 to add.

  • Please allow up to 5 days for non-emergency requests. (There is a shorter turn-around time for smaller requests or for patient care requests.)
  • You may designate another person to pick up your records. Please provide a written statement including your date of birth (DOB), and your signature indicating what records are being released and to whom.
  • You or the person designated to pick up your records must show a photo ID and sign to indicate that the records have been received.
  • In the case of death, the right to the records is given the executor of the estate, and in the absence of such, then it goes to the next of kin.