For Your Safety & Security

Tobacco Use
Harris Regional Hospital joined the growing number of hospitals in adopting a tobacco-free policy back in May, 2006. Tobacco use is prohibited both indoors and outdoors on all properties owned or leased by Harris Regional Hospital. We are committed to providing a safe, clean and healthy environment for our patients, staff and volunteers.

Security staff at Harris Regional Hospital monitors the hospital and all parking areas 24 hours a day. If your visitors wish to be escorted to their car after dark, they may call security at 828-586-7000 or the hospital operator to request assistance from an officer.

Appliances are not allowed in patient rooms because of electrical safety codes. If you wish to bring personal care devices such as electric razors and hair dryers, these need to be inspected by the Engineering Department. Please ask your nurse to arrange for an inspection.

Infection Control
Providing a safe environment for you and our staff is the top priority at Harris Regional Hospital. To prevent the spread of infectious illnesses, you may be asked to wear a mask when leaving the room or to keep your door closed. Signs may be placed on your door to direct visitors to take additional precautions when entering the room. If you have any questions regarding infection control practices, talk to your nurse or call 828-586-7138

List of Your Medicines
In order for us to provide the best in patient safety, it will be necessary for you to come to the hospital with a list of all the medicines you take at home.  This list needs to include prescription medications your doctor has written for you, medicines that you buy without a prescription, vitamins and any herbal remedies you are taking.  This can be a written list or your bottles of medicine.